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Historic Home & Preservation Consluting


Historic House Inspections: We provide on-site inspections for homeowners or prospective home buyers, evaluating the condition and age of the structure, developing work plans, and offering insight into the restoration process.


Advice & Consultation: We are always available to answer questions about the age or style of a building or feature, providing advice on common old house problems and offering phone or email consultations free of charge.


Cost Estimates for Projects: We develop work plans, timetables, and accurate project cost estimates, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the restoration process.


Research & Documentation: Our team can create scaled floor plans for future restoration work, document rooms and buildings of historical or personal interest, and conduct research on the history of a structure, providing invaluable insight into the restoration process.


Referral & Networking: We provide referrals to tradespeople and real estate professionals sensitive to restoration issues, assisting with locating old houses and barns for sale or relocation and offering networking opportunities to help our clients achieve their restoration goals.

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