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Restoration Services

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Exterior Restoration: Our team specializes in maintaining and replacing external components, from entries to cornices, including roofs, siding and windows, with a detail-oriented approach to ensure period-appropriate designs and structural integrity.


Interior Restoration: We're passionate about restoring and adapting historic rooms, stairs, plaster, paneling, fireplaces, and hardware to retain their period appearance while serving modern functionality, using traditional techniques and modern technology to ensure exceptional results.


Structural Repair: Our team is equipped to repair and replace sills, timber framing, stone foundations, sagging roofs, and listing walls, taking a comprehensive approach to maintaining the structural integrity of your home.


Fine Carpentry: We specialize in restoring and repairing period woodwork, including paneling, molding, and other decorative and functional features, with a passion for fine carpentry evident in every project we undertake.


Period Kitchens: Our team designs kitchens with a period look and modern functionality, creating cabinets, cupboards, shelves, counters, islands, and tables to meet unique needs while maintaining the historic charm of your home.


Building Relocation Services: We take a meticulous approach to dismantling, transporting, and reconstructing buildings or moving them intact, ensuring each component is handled carefully to reconstruct to its original condition.


Antique Hardware & Architectural Components: We stock many old house parts, including hardware, windows, doors, and old glass. We also stock clear white pine and other species of wood that we need for period restoration – from full inch to 12/4 inch thicknesses.

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